Lerici and its history

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From its origins to the present day

The first settlements in the area are known from the time of the Etruscans, then its particular position made Lerici
a natural port, first for the Ligurians, then for the Romans.
During the late Middle Ages, it began to assume a more important role: it was during this historical period
that the famous San Giorgio Castle, the historical-architectural symbol of the village,
became an object of contention between the maritime republics of Genoa and Pisa.

During the Romantic period, Lerici was visited by great artists like the English poets Shelley and Byron who,
inspired by its charming atmosphere, chose Lerici as the destination of their Grand Tour.

    Today, the Pearl of the Golfo dei Poeti is chosen by tourists for its beaches and crystal-clear waters, but also for the typically Ligurian atmosphere one breathes when walking through the village's colorful alleyways.