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Hotel Florida Lerici

La Spezia

City of 90.000 inhabitants is visited annually by thousands tourists for its natural beauty and the many museums that you can find inside.
Museum "Sigillo"
Museum "Amedo Lia"
Naval Museum
Archaeological Museum "Ubaldo Formentini"
Center for Modern and Contemporary Art "CAMeC"

    "The streets are wide and the houses tall and yellow..."

    "La Spezia over time has enchanted and inspired numerous poets and writers:
    the beauty of the territories and atmospheres that only the Gulf of La Spezia
    can convey, have caused history to rename it the "Gulf of Poets." Dante, Montale, Byron, Shelley,
    D'Annunzio and Hemingway are just some of the great names who have written about the wonder inspired
    by these icantevoli landscapes, which are truly hard to forget."
    Ernest Hemingway


    Lerici is an ancient seaside village with timeless charm, called today 'The Pearl of the Gulf' for its rare beauty.

    Treat yourself to a relaxing break: Lerici truly offers everything you need to experience a dream holiday. The greenery of the Mediterranean maquis and the proximity to the sea make this resort enchanting in all seasons of the year.